Which has the best camera or smooth software? Google pixel 4a or OnePlus Nord

Both Google Pixel and OnePlus Nord are known for their smooth and fastest software. But here we will discuss which best camera or smooth software has? Google pixel 4a or OnePlus Nord.

Google pixel usually deals in with the company’s services, like Google assistance and that is considered as the main capability of the device. So the features that are displayed by Google’s own devices are unable to be found in devices other than Google.

Google has a tremendous spoken feature in every app of device, your spoken words will be written into captions. So this is a great on-device live transcription feature of Google pixel 4a.

They also offer car crash detection or personal safety app that will be a life-saving app when needed in a right or wrong situation.


Google continues to add more advanced features to their device. One of their advanced features is the video blurring option for video calls and memory management to allow apps to stay in memory.

There is a bit of Google in OnePlus Nord too. OnePlus Nord is the first device by OnePlus that allows Google dialer and message app to use by default. So it states that you can experience smart features of Google like caller ID.

There is also seen the addition of Google on the home screen launcher of OnePlus. So all the devices that are expected to launch in 2020 have been built in Live Transcribe.

OnePlus has the fastest software due to its oxygenOS software. You can go to your favorite app directly by jumping from the lock screen.

And their OxygenOS is adjustable, even more, reliable than Vanilla android 10 on Google Pixel a4.

When we talk about the update of software, Google exhibits three years of updates from its launch date in the U.S. On the other hand OnePlus is not coming slowly they are offering four years of update and three years of security patches.

But this is also a reality that OnePlus cannot beat the speed of update and development of Google Pixel. To date, the pixel is updating the new version of Android.


Software edge is great for Google; meanwhile its pixel 4a’s camera. There is only one rear camera that is opposing OnePlus Nord, but when we come to consider the price it is worth it.

The Nord’s Sony IMX586 sensor is combined with OnePlus software and advanced HDR features, thus produce excellent quality shoots with high definition colors.

Google’s main camera produces more efficient images, with great details, and gives grain effect when closed up. Both cameras give outstanding night modes.

On the other hand, Nord’s camera is not coming slow but its secondary camera is not good even with 8-megapixel ultra-wide it produces images without much detailing.

There is also a missed opportunity of telephoto zoom you get a 12-megapixel crop from 48-megapixel when you do a zoom.

Google camera depends on the zoom that is dependent on the movement of the lens, which is good beyond 2x but after that, it may cause unacceptable changes around certain objects.

When talking about the front camera, Nord is offering dual cameras. One of them is standard and the other is ultra-wide. That capture and adjust a lot of people in a single frame.

This is the thing that is not offers by Google. But they get benefits because of portrait modes and their outstanding night mode.

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