Oneplus 9 Pro Max Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max
Oneplus 9 Pro Max Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

Here we are comparing the specification of OnePlus 9 Pro Max Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max. OnePlus 9 Pro Max launched in 2021 while iPhone 12 Pro Max came in 2020.

Both are famous mobile phone among the youngsters. Therefore the sale increased in the market within days. The manufacturer installed new and easy to use features in these devices.

Oneplus 9 Pro Max Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max
Oneplus 9 Pro Max Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

Is OnePlus 9 Pro Max better than iPhone 12 Pro Max?

It depends on the choice of user that which mobile he chooses for daily use. If a person want an impressive camera with surprising result than the first one is suitable choice.


It is available in 48 MP main camera and 16 MP front camera with  approximately 525 ppi. It means that it is 53% more megapixels than the other.

On the other hand the later has consistent and clear result camera with 12 MP main camera and 12 MP selfie camera. It has about 458 ppi that enables the user to go through the best image results.

Memory and battery

The OnePlus 9 Pro came in the market with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. It does not interfere when you do multiple tasks on the screen at the same time. If you talk about the memory of iPhone 12 Pro Max , it launches with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage capacity.

The first has non removable battery of 4500 mAh which run more time and require less time to charge. In addition the later has 3687mAh battery capacity which is also non removable.


You can see the dimensions of both mobile in the given table.

Dimensions OnePlus 9 Pro Max iPhone 12 Pro Max
Weight 198 g 227 g
Size in mm 163.2 × 73.6 × 0.7 mm 160.8 × 78.1 ×7.4 mm
Size in inches 6.43 × 2.90 × 0.34 inches 6.33 × 3.07 × 0.29 inches
Resolution 1440 × 3216 pixels 1284 × 2778 pixels
Display 6.7 inches 6.7 inches
Frame Aluminum frame Stainless Stel frame
Front Glass Gorilla glass Gorilla glass
Back Glass Gorilla glass Gorilla glass



Both the devices have some common features, for example

  • Accelerometer
  • Gyro
  • Proximity
  • Compass

The OnePlus has additional features such as fingerprint, alert slider, and color spectrum and lacks barometer and natural language command present in iPhone. The first is 14% slimmer than the second and look attractive in hands.

The multiple camera features of OnePlus provides the image details in depth. Its fingerprint sensor allows easy access to the mobile application without delay.


The Artic, Astral Black, and Sky color of OnePlus makes it different from the iPhone, which is available in Gold, Pacific Blue and Silver. Both have an excellent color range which attracts the customer. The company is making a new modal with advanced features depending upon the customers demand and need.


You can buy the OnePlus 9 Pro Max for only $720 from the market and enjoy advanced and fast features. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is accessible at $1032 because the brand has more popularity than the other among the users.

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