OnePlus emerged in the market and earned fame. OnePlus can be ignored because of missing some features that other companies have. But there are fabulous aspects which compel the users to buy OnePlus. Any confusion regarding ‘Is OnePlus Phones worth buying?’ will be clear after reading the following description.

is oneplus phones worth buying

OnePlus 7T is giving the best trait in Rs.35,000. The company is a front runner among others with pop-up characteristics. They felt the need to lower the price to approach users and decrease the price of up to Rs. 41999.

OnePlus is struggling to launch mobile phones at low prices. Many customers are bored by using expensive smartphones. Although, it will be lacking in some specs but proved to be superb.

Oneplus Phone Display

6.55 inch Full HD + AMOLED panel with wide color, HDR10 + support, and 3D Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The OnePlus brand is high in resolution. Refreshing rates of 90Hz and 12Hz are available in panel 6.5 or 6.6-inch screens in an acceptable budget.

Oneplus Phone Design

OnePlus is always on the top regarding its design & Dimension. Curved display above Rs.40,000 is within easy reach. Phones with curved screens are very sensitive and should be used carefully. If you are confident that you will handle it carefully (avoid falling) then you can use it for a longer time. The upgrade of the rear panel makes it more attractive.

There is a fantastic blue gradient color option for the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 8 series. Much leading color quality Interstellar Glow and Glacial Green both consider alluring. Another Onyx Black in the classical version. There is an alert slider in OnePlus and easy access to side buttons.

Oneplus Phone Software

The gadget with Android 10, OxygenOS. The combination of Android 10 and OxygenOS offering fair experiences.

The OnePlus has some specs which are only present in selected devices. It has automatically caption media playing mode. If this turns on, you will receive a notification whenever audios, videos are played. This advanced software is present at a suitable price that some doubt are clarifying regarding ‘Is the OnePlus Phone worth buying?’

Oneplus Phone General Performance

The performance of OnePlus is most led by the presence of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 365 chipset. It will be more convenient to handle multi tasks and apps.

OnePlus began with excellent gaming performance. Some mobiles get hot very soon. This issue has been resolved by OnePlus. It runs smoothly even if you play games for more than an hour. It has 12 GB RAM, 256GB storage with a built-in fingerprint sensor for authentication purposes. Face lock working is fast.

Headphone Jack is absent from OnePlus. The company manages speakers. One on the bottom and others on top. To keep the speaker safe, not turn the full volume.

There are more features that enhance its worth;


  • Shortcuts
  • Nifty Options
  • Zen Mode
  • Game Spare
  • Quick Screen Gestures


  • Long Screenshot feature

So, OnePlus presents so many things at affordable prices. There is no bewilderment about ‘Is OnePlus Phones worth buying?’

Oneplus Phone Camera

OnePlus is benefactions with a triple rear camera 48MP. Telephoto is replaced by a macro sensor. The front camera is 16 MP. It gives good quality results in day timing photography with sharp and detailed shots and natural effect which will become more advanced if a blur option is put and brightened the objects in dim light.

Oneplus Phone Battery

OnePlus got underway with a 4300mAh battery. It will run less than a day when used continuously. 4500mAh has updated in 8T with the delayed battery running time and fast charging.


‘Is OnePlus Phones worth buying?’ Yes, they are worthy and becoming more famous day by day. It has updated according to the need that meets the budget. Best phones for gamers and handle many tasks at a time with perfect RAM and storage.

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