Is OnePlus better than iPhone?

Is OnePlus better than iPhone?

OnePlus brand proved to be the top among phone companies. It is earning fame rapidly. On the other hand, the iPhone is considered an allied class. Rich people can access this phone in society only but this is not true. It depends upon the need and income.

Is OnePlus better than iPhone?

When we say ‘Is OnePlus better than iPhone?’ We compare OnePlus 7T and iPhone 11. There are many features that are present in the OnePlus 7T but not on iPhone 11 and vice versa.

OnePlus 7T

iPhone 11


+ Best phone of OnePlus brand with low price + Low price Apple phone of 2019
+ Large Display with 90 Hz + Fabulous battery life
+ Android 10 + Incredible dual cameras
+ USB-C with 30W fast charging + Smooth video recording
+ Fingerprint sensor + Face ID is fast responsive


– Not having a good quality camera – Low-resolution display
– No wireless charging & No water resistance – No telephoto camera

Common Features

The OnePlus 7T and iPhone 11 are both the best on the same plan of action. Both have high performance, high-quality cameras, and long battery. So, here are some common characteristics that make it difficult to choose from one. The question is How do we describe ‘Is OnePlus better than iPhone 11?’

Which one will you choose, Android or iOS? There is the same manufacturing design with glass and aluminum on both phones.


The OnePlus 7T has a matte finish circular camera while iPhone 11 has a matte square camera for wide and ultra-wide sensor convenient with five colors.

7T has a wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto sensor. Picture contrast is manually adjusted

iPhone 11 has a telephoto sensor plus a dual camera. It already has high-quality photography.

The OnePlus 7T has an additional camera that is lacking in the iPhone11. In contrast, iPhone 11 has a standard image and video recording features.


OnePlus 7T is a 6.55 inch AMOLED display and Full HD + Display. The refreshing rate is 90 Hz that makes the screen more smooth. A simple camera is engraved on the screen. The fingerprint sensor is present on the screen for authentication purposes.

iPhone 11 is a 6.1 inch LCD panel. The Angles and colors of the screen are fantastic and softer.  There is a large Notch at the top of the display that is the main Apple’s technology used for Face ID authentication. Both are superior at their level.


Both phones have long battery life but the difference is, at the same time, the OnePlus 7T charges 70%, and iPhone 11 charges 50%.


Both lacking in microSD. The OnePlus 7T is 256 Gb while iPhone 11 starts from 64 GB.


Both the brands are designed with the latest version of the software and struggle to decrease the prices. If OnePlus is offering a larger display, double the storage as compared to the iPhone indifference of $100. Additional features; high refreshing rate, 2× telephoto camera.

iPhone 11 presenting wireless charging, water resistance, long battery life, and high-quality built-in cameras. So, it is understandable regarding the selection of phones ‘Is OnePlus better than iPhone?’

The glad tiding is, both are outstanding, you will be happy with either one.


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