How to fix onePlus 8 pro display issues

Oneplus has launched very advanced devices recently with HD quad almond display. No doubt their display is very smooth and comfortable to use. But on the other side, the users are facing some significant issues. Some of them are hardware-based, and a few are the features of the mobile which have accidentally enabled. So, in case of any hardware issue, one should concern with the customer care centre. Before discussing solutions and how to fix them, we should know about the issue s first. Most recently, people who are using new eight-plus pro are facing onePlus 8 pro display issues. Some of them are:

  • Multicolour bars on display
  • Greenish tint
  • Yellow display
  • Black crush
  • Screen flickering  

Some of them can be fixed with a troubleshooting guide, and those related to hardware should concern with customer care centres. Some of the minor issues faced by the people who are using this device are temperature colouration, monochromatic display and screen flashing. All of these issues may be due to hardware damage, software programming or due to setting in device. Here we will discuss the reasons behind the problems and their possible solutions. 

Black crush display:

In black crush display, people observe black colour patches on their screen. The company states that it is a kind of software issue. However, after software updation, the question is still there because it is a hardware related problem in the display panel. 

How to get rid of it?

The official yet not agreed to it that black screen is a sort of hardware issue. But their support team agreed to it the only solution is to wait for the official notice by the company, that these mobile holders will get refunded.

Green tint display:

Just like a black crush, people observe green layer on their phone when they turn on the brightness. Somehow it happens because of the DC dimming feature when turned on.

How to get rid of it?

It may be the combination of software and hardware problem combined. But if it is due to DC diming one can fix it through setting on onePlus eight pro by following these steps:

  • Go to setting app
  • Open up the utilities
  • Click on onePlus laboratory 
  • There will be DC diming
  • Please turn it on 

If the issue still there should consult costumer care.

Flickering screen:

This happens because of an accidental update for flash screen GPU. It can be solved by disabling the option by under developer option in setting page.

How to get rid of it? 

If not fixed through software setting, it might be a hardware issue and need to be checked by customer care.

  • Open upsetting
  • Select the developer setting
  • There will be flash green for GPU update
  • Please turn it off 
Bars on display: 

Random multicolour bars appeared on the screen may for seconds or as long as you own the device. These bars have no patterns. 

How to get rid of it?

The cause of this issue is physical damage by the user. It can be fixed by changing the display panel or sometimes motherboard. For the solution, visit the customer care centre. 

Yellow display: 

Some users observe a dark yellow screen tone. It is not software neither hardware issue. It is night mode colour saturation. That comport your eyes in low light conditions while reading. One might turn it on by mistake. 

How to get rid of it? 

As it has no link with software or hardware issues, can be fixed through setting.

  • Open the setting then display
  • Select reading mood
  • Please turn it off 
High refresh rate: 

The UI scroll-like fluid to make the screen smother. But some people do not about this advanced feature that’s why they are facing problems. This is new 120 Hz refresh rate in which display refreshes itself 120 times per second.

How to get rid of it?
  • open upsetting
  • select display
  • then advanced options
  • open refresh rate
  • minimize it between 60hz to 120hz

According to some people, this is the fastest android phone of 2020 because of its super smooth experience. But on the other, some people are not happy because of display issues. These issues will be solved either they are software related or hardware. So people should better wait for it before the upgrade with new onePlus 8 pro. 


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